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Going into WW2, knife designs were mainly limited to basic fixed blade items and pocket style folders. However, at the start of World War I, Germany’s Luftwaffe pilots needed a new type of knife that could be easily deployed with one hand – allowing pilots to extricate themselves from trapped or tangled parachutes. were allowed while still providing survival or combat utility. Once the knife on the ground. For most of their existence, gravity knife designs have remained largely unchanged, however, within the past few decades, this unique style of knife has evolved greatly, giving rise to a large number of contemporary gravity knives. Gives way to numbers — the latest and greatest of which we’ve scored. Get ready for this hands-on guide to the best gravity knives.

 a gravity knife

Defining a Gravity Deployed Blade

Unlike most folding knives that open by inserting the blade into the handle, the gravity knife does not require the user to touch it to insert the blade. On the other hand, gravity knives, also known as “drop knives”. when pressed or disengaged, it allows the blade to fall out of the handle and lock in place, similar to how an OTF blade comes out of the handle, it is only powered by gravity instead of being spring-loaded (and falls out of the knife instead of shooting upward of it). Some gravity knives also use mechanisms that allow the two sides of the handle to open, allowing the blade to fall into place.

Legalities of Gravity Knife

To say that the laws of the knife of gravity fall into a gray area would be a gross understatement. Legally defined as a knife that opens by “operation of inertia, gravity, or both,” gravity knives have had a pretty bad reputation over the years shortly after their invention. Not unlike automobiles or switchblades, gravity knives were used in some high-profile crimes in the 1950s, giving them an association with criminals and ne’er-do-wells. These knives were also seen as deadlier or more dangerous partly due to their association with warfare, military and tactical use. As a result, gravity knives have been banned in most regions and, in some places, are even banned. Delegated “lethal weapons” alongside firearms.
The laws surrounding gravity knives have been further complicated by the questionable definition of what a gravity knife is in some regions, such as New York, where local laws define it as any knife that can be opened by gravity or With a flick of the wrist, an umbrella that a lot of non-gravity knives are definitely included. Despite being no more dangerous or damaging than any other type of knife with a blade that can be deployed with one hand, the vast majority of modern EDC knives, gravity knives are still illegal in many, if not most , of the places.

If you are unsure of the laws on gravity knives where you live, we recommend that you at least check them before carrying one, although it is probably not legal as there are very few regions where you can do so legally. armed with a gravity knife in public. The good news is that bills are being introduced to change these admittedly questionable knife laws, although only time will tell how this will play out.

What to Look When Buying A Gravity Knife?

While many aspects of a gravity knife are no different than regular folders or cars, there are some finer points that are specific to the gravity knife niche. Below, we’ll break down half a dozen of the most important factors to consider when buying a new gravity knife.

Blade Steel: As with virtually any knife, its durability and ability to hold an edge and stay sharp depends largely on the type of steel the blade is used to make, as well as It is also said how the steel blade is heat treated. While some older gravity knives on the market use more traditional stainless steel and lower-end tool steel, many newer gravity knives are equipped with higher-quality construction that typically takes advantage of advanced powder metallurgy, such as the Buhler M390. And anyone. CPM Blade Steels of Crucible Industries.

Blade Profile: As with the OTF, the shape of the handle of a gravity knife greatly limits the type of blade profile that can be used, although such gravity knives are still produced with a variety of blade shapes. are done, i.e. drop point, clip point, spear point. And both reverse silhouettes.

Handle Construction: The material used to make the handle of a gravity knife will play a key role in its properties such as durability or lightness. While stainless steel is the most common construction of gravity knife handles often combined with wooden elements, some more advanced knives use higher quality materials such as aluminum, titanium or Macarta.

Locking mechanism: Although they all simply disengage a lock and allow the blade to fall into place, the locking mechanism on gravity knives can vary from model to model, from the actual lever From the actuated spring locking system used in the Luftwaffe paratrooper’s gravity knife, to sophisticated mechanisms operated by buttons and slides that cause the handle to open to allow the blade to drop into place.

Price: Compared to other types of knives, gravity knives are somewhat rare. As a result, they are produced in small quantities, an area that is certainly helped by the fact that their transport is illegal in most places. As such, these knives tend to be more expensive, making price an important consideration when making a decision.

Style and Design: While there are many traditional-looking gravity knives that are modeled after the original World War II version, there are also many contemporary gravity knife designs that vary greatly in shape, size, and style. . As such, we recommend checking out a wide range of options available before pulling the trigger on your purchase, although this article will clearly provide a short list of some of the best options currently available. Which objectively exist.


In conclusion, Gravity knife Had Have a Pretty bad reputation over the year after invention. There are some knives which are still illegal. So before buying, check that where are you live and Gravity knife in your area legal or illegal.


Q: Are Gravity Knife illegal everywhere?

No, Gravity knife are legal or illegal Its depend on country. in some places, are even banned. The good news is that bills are being introduced to change these admittedly questionable knife laws, although only time will tell how this will play out.

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